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How can a Dog Section help you?

Dogs play a vital role in modern day security work and are used by Police force every in the country. There are approximately 2,500 police dogs in England and Wales. With their naturally powerfully sense of smell and agility are used by the security.

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Uniformed Security Officers

With the expanded role for security comes the need for increased professional training, expertise and ability. No longer can the night watchman perform the duties that a professional security officer is expected to carry out. The role of Security and Police has never been so similar. The black and white distinctions of yesteryear are now a continuum of gray. Lines of distinction are drawn more as exception than as the rule




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Mobile Patrols

Security Patrols offer you regular site inspections Day or Night.  The numbers of Patrols are determined by the customer's requirements allowing you complete control over your security budget.

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Residential Security Street Patrol

As a householder you are probably looking for peace of mind while you are away from the house. You may also want to feel secure while you are in the house at night.

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  • Our team of highly trained personnel offer expertise and advice on all matters relating to security.
  • Property and personnel.
  • Security for you and your business, wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Our comprehensive services are designed to enable our clients to conduct their business confidently and without the need to worry.
  • Client care is our most important aim, and this has resulted in a long term associations between our companies.
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