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As a householder you are probably looking for peace of mind while you are away from the house. You may also want to feel secure while you are in the house at night.

If you have no security at the moment, you feel it is time to upgrade your existing arrangements or you feel let down by your existing supplier, you need to find a company you can trust.

That means people who take the time to understand your requirements and concerns; people who respond positively and do what they say they will; people you can rely on for impartial, sound advice and people who will provide quality equipment that does what it is supposed to do, reliably.

You'll also need a company who will maintain your equipment, respond quickly if you have any problems or concerns and will charge you at a reasonable rate for the work they do.

If you would like a no obligation review of your existing security arrangements, or a discussion about the possible sustainability of any particular type of security for your requirements then please call 0203 044 4080 or contact us here.

Put an end to car crime, muggings, youth crime, anti-social behavior and burglaries with Defence Security Services private residential street patrols. Covering Hampstead, St John's Wood, Kensington, Chelsea, Regents Park, and all post codes in London and Surrey.

Defence Security Services Patrol Officers are experienced, we offer peace of mind to residents living in the most exclusive areas of London wanting the assurance of a professional service just moments from their door and with the benefits of shared financial costs with their neighbours.

Many of our competitors employ minimum wage staff with limited spoken English, hardly any training and often no or little experience. More often than not, these people have previously only guarded empty office buildings and supermarket car parks. Such companies offer no more a deterrent than a well organised neighbourhood watch scheme.

Defence Security Services is different to all the others. We are London's only total security companies that are highly trained, professional, polite, friendly and passionate about their work. A friendly face just moments from your door that you can call on at anytime, to "meet and greet" when you come home late at night and escort you safely to your door.

Our goal is to create a safe environment so residents can enjoy all aspects of their neighbourhood.

This scheme has been very successful in other parts of the country, with results such as: parents no longer having worries about minors using the local facilities, joggers running with peace of mind, and residents being able to walk anytime day or night with confidence.

Our patrol team can monitor your residence when you are working away, on vacation or at your request to ensure your family and home are safe. As this is a highly visible patrol team it deters any would be attackers or burglars, and any resident can approach a team member for help in any number of circumstances.

All team members will be contactable by any resident who signs up to the scheme, and will be able to attend at your request with very short notice. As all staff are FULLY  TRAINED they will be on hand to help in any situation or emergency.

So whether it's you, your family, an elderly or infirm relative, a Defence Security Services Neighborhoods Patrol Team Member will be on hand to help and assist in any way they can.

In the media we are continually hearing about trespassing, burglary, aggravated burglaries and vandalism carried out on private residences and their occupants.

These actions are often traumatic and leave residents feeling threatened and vulnerable. Defence security provides the service so that potential criminals are discouraged. We have numerous residential solutions available to respond to your needs. These include guarding a single residence or supplying a team of officers, dogs and handlers for a residents' association. The need to secure your home, property, and family is becoming increasingly necessary. According to your preferences, our guards can be either a highly visible deterrent or a subtle part of the day-to-day running of your household. We work for you to prevent burglary, vandalism, and personal attacks. In addition to this service we can just as easily secure premises that are vacant and awaiting sale or rental. As a householder you are probably looking for peace of mind while you are away from the house. You may also want to feel secure while you are in the house at night.

We can patrol one or two or even an extensive number of residential or business properties in one or more streets or even in an area, deterring crime and providing an increased level of protection over and above that offered by the police. And the benefits aren't just confined to increase security. As well as enhancing your peace of mind and quality of life, the additional protection you enjoy is cost-effective as it is shared with neighbours or fellow business people. Defence Security's 'Street Patrol' service can also cover the security requirements of public amenities such as parks, open spaces, leisure and educational establishments.

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